Network C.I.C.

VSN engages with the local infrastructure in Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire, to aid in the transition of our armed forces into the veteran community. 

Our working priority is (SMI) Serious Mental Illness amongst our Veterans. We are extremely proud of the relationship that we have forged with the Combined Healthcare NHS Trust, that incorporates crisis, inpatient and community referrals.

Whilst we do not have an Op Courage (the Veteran mental health service collaboration between the MoD and the NHS) facility in our area, our relationships across the region and access to some excellent services, mean that we are providing an extensive and respected provision for our veterans in need.

We are working with Jonathan Gullis MP for Stoke North, Talke and Kidsgrove, and the Minister for Veteran Affairs, Johnny Mercer, to address the lack of Op Courage and funding in North Staffordshire. Minister Mercer has assured us that he supports our mission to provide mental health services inline with those of the rest of the UK.

Why Support Us

Supporting Veterans

You will be helping veterans to access the vital mental health support they need following military service.

Veteran Welfare

You will be helping us to provide practical hands-on support to veterans struggling with managing daily life.

Social Inclusion

You will be helping to provide social opportunities and activities to prevent loneliness and isolation for veterans.

Emotional Wellbeing

You will be helping to provide easily accessible mental health support to veterans during challenging times.

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